About Us


TrademarkCopia as the name indicates is an Intellectual Property Firm with a focus on Trademarks and Copyrights.
The firms assists in seamless Transcontinental Intellectual Property:

  • Filing
  • Prosecution
  • Registration
  • Watch services
  • Renewals
  • Due Diligence

With a strong, committed and specialist network of more than 100 member firms in 130 countries.



Your experience with TrademarkCopia is resultant of the latest in technology, geared at providing assistance with Intellectual Property in over 130 countries.

Sharp analyses, Prompt responses and Integrated services which are efficient and cost effective will be your unique experience with TrademarkCopia.



TrademarkCopia is aimed at Professionals such as lawyers, solicitors paralegals, entrepreneurs as well as Stakeholders such as authors, business entities, researchers, developers, designers, brand managers, students etc.

Rich in information, TrademarkCopia helps meet multifaceted needs and requirements of a variegated class of people.

This information is the result of collated effort by our specialist team of researchers and analysts who are up-to-date with laws and regulations on a real-time basis as they develop and emerge world-wide.



As you can see there are several links provided on this website. This is for your ease and convenience in understanding basic concepts. They are in no way a substitute for professional opinion and advise. You are advised to use and rely on these links for personal purposes only. You are advised to seek professional help regarding all matters. Kindly do not use any information either from the website or via these links without proper acknowledgment as doing so could result in legal action.